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Fenchurch is a lovely girl, and she's a bit fractured. She resides on the Earth, and Arthur Dent falls completely in love with her.

Her unusual name stems from having been conceived in the ticket queue at Fenchurch Street Station. Or so her parents claim. They refuse to elaborate further, saying only that you wouldn't believe how bored it is possible to get in the ticket queue at Fenchurch Street Station. She plays the cello, has good taste in music and owns a pair of speakers that "would have impressed the guys who put up Stonehenge." The first time that Arthur sees her, he knows little about her, save that she's heart-thumpingly beautiful. The next time he meets her, he gets a much closer look:

"She was tallish with dark hair which fell in waves around a pale and serious face. Standing still, alone, she seemed almost somber, like a statue to some important but unpopular virtue in a formal garden. She seemed to be looking at something other than what she looked as if she was looking at.

But when she smiled, as she did now, suddenly, it was as if she had just arrived from somewhere. Warmth and life flooded into her face, and impossibly graceful movement into her body. The effect was very disconcerting, and it disconcerted Arthur like hell."