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Old Pink Dog Bar

There are no casual observers in the Old Pink Dog Bar on the lower south side of Han Dold City, because it isn't the sort of place you can afford to do things casually in if you want to stay alive. Any observers in the place are mean, hawklike observers, hevaily armed, with painful throbbings in their heads which cause them to do crazy things when they observe things they don't like.

There is an evil-looking bird perched on a rod in the bar that screeches out the names and addresses of local contract killers, a service the bird provides for free.

The hand and forearm of the original owner of the bar still hangs around- it had been bequeathed to medical science. Medical science decided they didn't like the look of it and bequeathed it right back to the Old Pink Dog Bar. The hand sits on the bar. It takes orders, it serves drinks, it deals murderously with people who behave as if they want to be murdered.

The Old Pink Dog Bar does not accept American Express.