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Found by Arthur Dent on the planet Brontitall, Lintilla is a clone. That is, there are five hundred seventy eight thousand million clones named Lintilla.

The problem of the five hundred seventy eight thousand million Lintilla clones is very simple to explain and rather harder to solve. Cloning machines have of course been around for a lont time and have proved very useful for reproducing particularly talented or attractive people.

One particular cloning machine was asked to produce six copies of a wonderfully talented and attractive girl called Lintilla for a Brantisvogan escort agancy, while another machine was busy creating five hundred lonely business executives in order to keep the laws of supply and demand operating profitably. The machine got badly out of synch with itself, however, and it malfunctioned in such a way that it got halfway through creating each new Lintilla before the previous one was actually completed, which meant, quite simply, that it was impossible ever to turn it off, without committing murder.